Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Adriana's Aventures The Raven Report Hanging Out In New Hope PA

It's Fall and I STILL have posts from summer ! So those of you who follow the blog regularly, you already know about the 2 Day Transgender / Crossdresser Event that takes place every other month in New Hope PA called Raven. If you dont know about it, it is time anyway for me to do a re-cap and update on what this 2 day event is all about. 

Every other month there is a 2 day fun filled meetup for the transgender and crossdressing community.  I was thankful, and lucky to attend an event they had in August.  Starting on a Friday evening, gals from all over the east coast converge on New Hope PA. It is pretty much 2 days of parties, shopping, dancing, restaurants, a red carpet event, and did I mention fun ? Friday it kicks off with a meet and greet which takes place inside the Roadway Inn in New Hope PA.  ( See the hotel HERE ) and is followed up by a quick trip up the street for some late night dancing at The Raven ( See it HERE ). I will explain more, and give a full rundown of the event, what goes on and more details in a minute, but our story didn't start of Friday at the meet and greet, but we got the party started a night early, and were in town ready to go on Thursday ! 

So Thursday night we got into town and headed out into town for drinks at a place called Havana (See it HERE ) . This spot became our go- to for most of this weekend. With the weather being absolutely perfect, the outdoor deck over looking main street was the perfect place to people watch and be seen.  That is the thing about New Hope PA, it is an extremely open and welcoming town, rainbow flags hang everywhere, the entire town is a safe place to hang so if your a newbie looking to venture out, a Raven weekend is a great first timer spot. 

We hung around had some drinks and partied with some of the local girls from the area who were extremely friendly and ultra supportive . This was the most POPPING place in town on Thursday. 

Friday, and all weekend the weather was beautiful, so around noon we headed over to The Raven pool, they have a wonderful pool area with a cabana bar, and serve food and drinks all day.  We made sure to get there early because we knew all the lounge chairs would be taken up quickly. 

The drinks in the cabana bar are amaze balls, perfect for summer lounging at the pool.

I told you this pool packs out in the summer, check it out in the late afternoon when most of the guys and gals started arriving ! 

After a day of fun & sun at the pool we decided to head into town again to go bar hopping, and guess where we eventually wound up again ? 

Yea...we wound up back at Havana's again...this time we shared some apps and had a few drinks . 

So we were having so much fun we pretty much MISSED the actual meet and greet party. Friday night, as I stated earlier Friday night is the kick off event for the weekend at the Roadway Inn in New Hope , we JUST caught the very end of this event, but it was loaded with some surprises, because there was alot of gals in town who I did not expect to see ! We got there just in time for the group photo , they were taking this shot as we were pulling up fashionably late as usual LOL 

After the meet & greet, the gals all head over to The Raven for some late night dancing. 

Saturday was another big day and we started it as usual with a day at the pool. 

In The Afternoon We All Packed In My Friends Jeep And Took A Cruise Around Town With The Top Down ! 

Saturday evening there is a Red Carpet event at the Cub Room ( See it HERE ) and guess what ?? We missed that too LOL... I have been to a few of the Cub Room Red Carpet events, and they ARE great, however its SUMMER and it was way too nice out to stop having fun to hang out inside. However I WILL tell you about the Red Carpet event and share some of my friends pictures who did attend. Around 5.30 the gals all get together to show off their best dresses, everyone dresses to the nines, in fancy heels, jewelry and handbags, share a drink together and snap pictures on the Red Carpet...it is alot of fun seeing every ones best dress at this event. Here are some pics....

My friend Traci...



Look who snuck in after the event was over and snapped a picture on the Red Carpet LOL....yea I was under dressed for that event LOL 

After sneaking in for a pic on the carpet when the cub room was empty we rounded up some gals and headed into town again to go out for dinner . We went to a place called Vila Vito, which I highly recommend you DONT go too LOL...yea...it was pretty bad, not Olive Garden bad, but pretty close LOL....

Of coarse I never took any pictures come Saturday night during the big event at Raven, I was too busy having Fun, but basically all the gals meet up after dinner back at the Raven for a night of dancing . It is the final big bash, which goes until the lights go on, then the after parties go till the sun comes up. Maybe its good I have no pictures of this part LOL...XOXO 

The Raven events are always fun though, and are a great 2 day getaway if you can make it. If you would like more information on the event, your best bet is to join the group on the website meetup.com you can find it RIGHT HERE. They also have a facebook group HERE.  And if you would like a full rundown of the actual events, times, hotels, and other info HERE

But WAIT....our weekend diddnt end !!! We stayed on Sunday too ! On Sundays at Raven they host a Tea Dance Pool Party, although not connected to the weekend Transgender event, we decided to stick around and avoid the city traffic and spent the day once again lounging by the pool and we attended the dance later in the afternoon which included a DJ playing really fun 80's music .

Then you guessed it...we topped off our evening by heading back to Havana's AGAIN to top our evening off right. 

This was a really fun summer getaway.  The town of New Hope is one the most trans friendly towns around, and the weekend events thrown by the Mid Atlantic Transperience Community are always a blast, if you are a newbie looking for a first time out in public experience, i recommend trying one of these weekends. .. For more information on upcoming and past  crossdressing and transgender events CLICK HERE

Monday, October 17, 2016

Transgender Crossdressing Tips 5 Ways To Feminize Your Face With Makeup

Pay Attention To Your Brows

Your eyebrows can really pull together a feminine look, if they are well groomed and maintained. Nothing wrong with using an eyebrow stencil to help give you the perfect shape, if you would like more info on eyebrow stencils CLICK HERE .  Another great trick is to highlight your brow bone, you can learn to do that HERE

Show Off Your Lashes

Lashes can really make your eyes POP, and bring your whole look together. False lashes are a great way to REALLY feminize your look.  To see a step by step infographic on how to apply false lashes CLICK HERE.  For an instructional video CLICK HERE. For how to apply mascara like a pro check THIS VIDEO OUT.  To learn how to curl your lashes CLICK HERE

Contour Your Face  

Kim Kardashian started the craze, but contouring REALLY makes you look ultra femme.  For a basic breakdown of the science behind contouring check out this video HERE.  For tips and tricks on how to contour your nose CLICK HERE .

Get Cheeky

Dont forget those cheeks ! A feminine faces has larger, full cheeks. For "How To Apply Blush" tutorial with pictures CLICK HERE .  To learn how to pick the right blush for your skin tone CHECK THIS OUT . Oops made a mistake ? Learn how to fix it if you mess up RIGHT HERE

Plump Plump Plump Plump It UP !

Bold lips will do the trick every time, best way I have found is to line your lips slightly past your normal lip line with a lip pencil of a similar but darker shade, then fill in.  For all sorts of tips and tricks on how to make your lips look bigger, to what shade works for you, how to get lipstick off your teeth etc..check out this section HERE

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Was Outed And I Dont Really Care

Hey girls, figured I would share with you all my story of being outed. Yes outed, it seems all my friends from my past have discovered Adriana and they have known for a while now. Here is my story.

About four years ago, I decided to follow what I felt was my true path, to be the real me, and to be happy. I spent years of my life pretending to be happy, and tried to live the life everyone else expected of me , but it was far from the true feelings I had inside.
 I looked at where I was in life, who my friends were, and decided it was time to become the best me I possibly could. In order to do this I needed to explore my feminine side, so in the process I stepped away from my so called life & friends and I took some much needed "ME" time, and started to try to understand, and express my feminine side. I spent my days working out in the gym running six miles a day, trying to get my body into a more feminine shape. I did research online, to learn about crossdressers, and what it was to be transgender, I studied and practiced makeup , and fashion all to better myself. I took notes, wrote things down, and even started my own website as my own little private girl world filled with all the information I learned along the way to try to help others going through the same thing

In about six months I gained the knowledge & the confidence to finally make a the first step of going out in public and expressing my true gender and attended a Transgender Crossdresser event, it was here that I realized I was not alone in my feelings. I made lots of new friends, friends I still have to this day. I attended seminars, and local support groups, and traveled as much as I could to learn about my gender identity, and to meet and hear the stories of other people just like me. 

That whirlwind lasted about a year before I stepped back again to analyze my life.
It was here it dawned on me I have not made contact with any of my old friends, and they too had made no effort to contact me . I had been so busy trying to figure my life out, that I never looked back, but also did my so called friends even care ? Sure there was one or two I felt bad about not having in my life, and wanted to reach out to, but the majority at this point in time did not matter anymore.
So I pushed forward. I was finally happy, and comfortable with myself. 

3 more years passed by and I continued down my new path, I was completely comfortable now with my new identity, made lots of new friends, and was exploring and living my life to the fullest in the real world, as Adriana. 

One day while reading the comments on my blog, I noticed a familiar name ( it was someone from my past ) who had discovered my blog, and obviously discovered everything about me .I put my entire life online with no shame in my game almost as if I wanted it to be found. I was never ashamed of being me. 

At this point I knew I was outed, and that he would go and tell everyone from my past about what he saw, and what he learned. I panicked , and decided to reach out to one of my old gal pals, she was one girl I always felt bad about leaving out of my new life, she was the exception to the majority of my friends, at least SHE reached out via text to say happy birthday, or wish me a happy holiday, and I knew when I was ready to come "out" , she was the first person I was going to tell. 

So I called her, and came clean. I told her I was Transgender, and that I have made an entire new life for myself, and for once I was truly happy. Her response was "I have known for a long time,  I love you, and want you to be happy" . This response peaked my curiosity, HOW did she know ? How long ago did she know ?

It turns out my "so called best friend hacked into my email over a year and a half ago . He found tracking numbers, and mail orders for makeup and shoes. He found pictures, he found my website, he found everything. Not knowing what to do, he decided to ask ANOTHER friends advice , which was the complete WRONG thing to do , instead of approaching me about the situation. This particular friend blabbed his mouth to just about anyone who would listen. EVERYONE from my past knew. They knew everything., and they have all known for a while. 

After I found this out, I had kind of laughed it off, so everyone has known for years now ? "Yup"....and nobody cares, as long as you are happy. But the more I thought about this, the more it dawned on me how much my privacy was violated. 

Hacking into my email ? Telling everyone? People have lost jobs, wives, and even lives due to being outed. Nobody put my feelings into consideration. Lucky for me, I had made a brand new life for myself, and nobody from my past mattered anyway. 

With that a feeling of relief came over me, no more getting nervous about running into someone from my past when I am out locally. Everyone knew I was "OUT" but me apparently. So now, I have no more worries. I am completely free. 

When my friend caught wind I knew about what they had done, he had texted me to apologize for hacking into my email, and making the wrong decision in asking another friend advice on how to handle the situation leading to me being outed.
Although I appreciated him reaching out, at this point in time it was too little, too late. Here was my response.

"At this point in time I am mostly "out" anyway and so far removed from that group of friends that it does not even matter. It does however prove my point of what my gut told me when I decided to confront the whole transgender thing, and that was none of you were my real friends anyway, the actions of you and some of my other friends just put it in stone for me. I am mad, but at the end of the day does it really matter? Does it have any effect on my life ? It really doesn't, I can just look back shake my head and know years ago I made the right decision". 

I DID make the right decision, I am one of the lucky ones, I had nothing to lose choosing this path except maybe a few friends who at the end of the proved they were far from true friends. Those from the past who showed support are once again back in my life. I made a whole new life for myself. 
I have traveled , and have done things I could of only dreamed of years ago. 
I am happier and living life the way I should be. I wouldn't change anything. I am free to be me. 

As for me today, I consider myself transgender, although just like alot of you, I started out as just a crossdresser, but I just followed my path. I hope many of you follow your path, no matter what path it may be, and you are happy too. xoxo

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Transgender Crossdresser Halloween Party Diva Social New Haven CT Oct 29 2016

My gal pal Heather Leigh will be hosting her monthly Diva Social Party on Sat Oct 29th.  This party has really been picking up momentum as word has been spreading. If your not familiar, Diva Social is a monthly party catering to the crossdressing and transgender community held monthly. This month is the Halloween Bash, so you can come in costume, or just come as yourself. 

For more information on this party check THIS OUT

For More information on OTHER events SEE THIS

HOTELS within 5 miles of Partner's Cafe: 
La Quinta Inn, New Haven call: (203) 562-1111
Quality Inn, East Haven call:(203) 469-5321
Best Western, West Haven call: (203) 933-0344
Hampton Inn, West Haven call: (203) 932-0404

DIVA Social is held at Partner's Cafe, 365 Crown Street, New Haven starting at 9pm.

Partners Café is a gay bar located in downtown New Haven - a fun and friendly space, with THREE levels, AMAZING dance floor with a live DJ and lights, lounge area, and HUGE bar PLUS pool tables, and TONS OF ROOM to mix, mingle, dance, and have fun! NO COVER!

MAKEOVERS: Contact Scarlett Thompson at ScarlettsSexyMakeovers@gmail.com 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Adriana's Adventures Partying In New York City

Heeeyyy be-otches  !!!   I had some friends come in from out of town and what better place to take them than New York City ! We gathered a crew and headed out for a night out on the town 

Since some drinking was involved, we played it safe and took the train into New York City. 

Our first stop was to show our guest's Time Square, in all it's touristy glory. The place was jam packed and over crowded for sure !

Funny story, when trying to take a shameless vain selfie, some random guy came up, gave me a compliment and asked to take a picture with me. That was cute. 

We then took the subway back downtown ( thank god)..I'm not much for the tourist area. LOL

We headed to Sushi Samba in the West Village for more drinks and food. 

Then we headed a few blocks to hit some of the bars & clubs on the West Village, stopping by the famous Stonewall Inn the birthplace of the Gay Rights Movement. The whole West Village is a super friendly place, you should feel safe going out anytime.