Thursday, September 29, 2016

Crossdressing Tips How To Cinch Corset Your Waist

Found this video and thought I would share, if you would like more information on things like how to lace a corset, check out this geeky diagram RIGHT HERE

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crossdresser Transgender Event The Femme Fever Halloween Party Oct 13 2016

Halloween is the one time of year gals REALLY get excited to go out and this Halloween you can find a party just about anywhere! What better way to start off the Halloween party schedule than with The Femme Fever Party. First time out ? Dont worry, this is one of the BEST places for first timers to go out and express their true gender. Cant do your own makeup ? Thats ok too Karen and the girls from Femme Fever will do your makeup FOR YOU and will having you looking fabulous ! Need a place to get ready ?? ..a place can be provided for you.  Looking for a hotel ? Femme Fever has THAT covered too with a special group rate.  If you would like more information on the transformation services provided by Femme Fever check out the website RIGHT HERE to learn more about makeovers, support groups, and events hosted by Femme Fever.

Femme Fever parties are famous for being one of the most accepting and safe places to go and is highly recommended! . If you would like to see pics from a past party and read more check THIS OUT .

Hotel Info 

8pm - 12:30am

HALLOWEEN Theme Party! Theme dress not required but sure is fun. Come as you like or dress in THEME (costumes/outfits/dresses/wigs available thru Karen if you like) . What is YOUR Halloween Fantasy Attire? Express your inner Harlot, Marilyn Monroe, Cowgirl, Hippie, Princess, Gothic, Witch, Ballerina, Temptress, Sissy Maid or WHATEVER it may be!!!! ANYTHING GOES!

Contests for Theme Attire (sexiest & most creative) - GREAT CASH PRIZES! And

Attend Drab or Dressed or ANY way you like. Don't Miss It! If you are part of or love/admire this community; YOU are invited!

DISCREET, safe and SO MUCH FUN!! The ONLY party open only to CD's TS's and Those who Love/Admire them! VERY WELL ATTENDED EVERY MONTH!

$20 at the door gets you great people, Rockin DJ, Dancing, Lots of All You Can Eat delicious hot & cold food, table seating for chatting, pool table, bar, Contests to watch or participate in, ENTERTAINMENT and so much more .. all in an awesome location!!!

Drink Specials & Low Prices for the Night!

I guarantee you will make friends and come back again and again!!

Ringside Bar
247 South Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801
(516) 931-9239
near to the Hicksville LIRR Station

LOADS of parking in FRONT, on the side and in the back! There is also plenty of street parking.

Ringside is convenient from Old County Road, the Seaford Oyster Bay Pkwy, Wantagh Pkwy, Northern State and LIE and is at the intersection of Old County Road and South Broadway.

RSVP is not required. Can't wait to see you there!

Pre-party reduced professional makeovers at the nearby Days Inn Hicksville hotel by appointment at a reduced rate of $50 includes, contour, wig comb out. False lashes $5 more unless you bring your own. My hotel room is also available for those who may need to change/get ready before and after party for a $15 fee only. Fee waived with a makeup application. Book Yours Now.

Looking to rent a hotel room to get ready or to stay over night? Days Inn hotel is already expecting you - they are great to us! When reserving directly with them, give the password FemmeFever for a discount on your room. Days Inn Hicksville 828 S Oyster Bay Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801 (516) 433-1900. THE HOTEL FILLS UP SO BOOK SOON - outdoor pool is open! If full, an Alternate hotel nearby is Econo Lodge Hicksville, NY 11801 (516) 433-1900

Email Karen, for more information OR post a message to share a room for changing or staying over on the Femme Fever Yahoo Group.

Email or call 516 520 0380.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 Crossdressing Tips For Walking In High Heels

Practice Practice Practice

Before rushing to go out in your brand new heels, ( or for your very fist time ) take the time to get comfortable in your new heels, & get used to walking in them. A beginner ?? Just get used to STANDING in them & practice walking around the house. For a tutorial video on how to walk in heels CLICK HERE

Push It Real Good

Push your limits when practicing, try going up and down stairs, and on different surfaces, wood floors, concrete, brick, etc. 
Baby Steps

When in heels, take smaller steps and shorten up your stride. Dont forget to keep your legs together and straight. 

All The Way Up

When first learning to walk in heels, start off with a shorter heel and work your way up.

Posture Posture Posture

Work on your posture, and how to stand in heels.  Dont hunch over, stand up straight with your shoulders back. For more tips on getting perfect posture and a graceful walk check out this video RIGHT HERE

For more information on How To Walk Like A Woman CLICK HERE

To Learn How To Walk In SIX Inch Heels See This VIDEO

More How To Walk In Heels Videos RIGHT HERE

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crossdresser Transgender Events Fantasia Fair Provincetown October 16 - 23 2016

Fantasia Fair is a popular week long transgender event that takes place up in the extremely LGBT friendly town of Provincetown Mass. This year it is taking place October 16-23rd. Like most conferences it features a mix of seminars , workshops and social activities. Being an extremely friendly area, you can venture off on your own as well and do some shopping, or hit some of the restaurants. Those of you looking to learn more about your gender identity , or even if you are just looking for a getaway where you can comfortably be "en femme" as your true self check out the website RIGHT HERE for more information on the event including hotels in the area. 

For other crossdressing & transgender events , write up's, reviews, and adventures CLICK HERE

Monday, September 19, 2016

Makeup Monday Lip Lining Tips How To Line Your Lips

Adriana's Bonus Tip. 
Want to make your lips look bigger ? When you line your lips, use a slightly darker shade of lip liner and create some depth .

For lots of makeup tricks with lipstick CLICK

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adriana's Adventures The Fire Island Invasion Fourth Of July 2016

 4th of July Weekend I headed over to Fire Island to check out the "Invasion Of The Pines".  A little history here, Cherry Grove & The pines are 2 gay resort beach towns on Fire Island. in New York.  Back in 1976 ,  a drag queen by the name of Terry Warren was denied entry into Fire Island Pines. When Cherry Grove caught wind of the situation , lots of others dressed in Drag on the 4th Of July and sailed a boat over and stormed The Pines. This time they got a warm welcome, and now has become a tradition and a celebration every year on the 4th with Drg Queens dressing in extravagant outfits.  I finally had a chance to get over there myself and party. It was pretty much a debauchery, but a few pics were taken by myself and friends and I will add some stock photos too so you get the FULL picture. I recommend ANYTIME, to head out to either Cherry Grove, or The Pines if you are looking to have some summer fun on the beach. 

Fire Island is always a party scene, it just gets amped up even higher on the 4th Of July.  This is what happens when you give a boat load of drag queens free liquor !  Here is a video clip I found of the Invasion.

After That It Was Party Party Party AT The Pool Deck @ Fire Island Pines ( See Location Here) They Had a Dj and there was plenty of dancing around the pool. 

We also partied at Sip and Twirl (SEE LOCATION HERE which was a blast, jam packed and had a DJ playing and people dancing inside the club and out on the deck.

We hopped a boat over to Cherry Grove and continued the party at Cherry's On The Bay 
See It Here

Fourth Of July is a blast on Fire Island , and all summer long for that matter. With both Cherry Grove & The Pines being extremely LGBT friendly you cant go wrong any day so if your looking for a beach getaway, or simply a drink near the water I say go for it ! 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Transgender Crossdreser Event Tiffany Leigh's Gorgeous Party 1 Year Anniversary Fairfield CT Sept 24 2016

One of the biggest, and best , Transgender & Crossdresser parties on the east coast is having it's one year anniversary ! The Gorgeous Party , hosted by Tiffany Leigh is having it's one year bash ! Gals from up and down the east coast attend this party to get together, have fun, and express their gender. Expect a night of dancing, and meeting like minded people ! Being Sept , the theme is back to school, so it is a great time to break out that school girl outfit, or sexy teacher look ! 

Schoolgirl Uniforms: short plaid skirts + tight white shirts!
Hot for Teacher, Teacher's Pets, or Professor MILF's!
Jocks and Jockettes
Revenge of the Nerds
Cheerleaders & Pep Squads
All Things GLEE
"One Time, At Band Camp..."
Heathers or Mean Girls
The Breakfast Club
Frat Boys and Sorority Babes

Dress code/themes are not mandatory... but you'll never feel singled out if you join in! Dress back to school, dress to impress, dress to (gender) express... or mix and match!

 This is a FREE event !! For more information on the party, including information on some of the local hotels, the location, and ANY question you may have can be found in this post I did last year on the opening event , RIGHT HERE just be sure  NOT to confuse LAST years flyer, for This years, which is above and set for Sat Sept 24, 2016.

I was lucky enough to make it LAST year to the grand opening party, if you would like to see pics from the night, and learn more information CLICK HERE

Want to learn MORE about other Transgender & Crossdressing Events ? CLICK HERE

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Crossdresser Shoes And Heels In Large & Wide Sizes Up To A Size 16

So I found another place that sells sexy shoes & heels in large & wide sizes . You can check out Beverly Heels RIGHT HERE . It is a great little site with some cute styles and sexy boots too.

To See The FULL List Of ALL The Shops Featured On The Blog  That Carry Sexy Heels & Shoes In Large And Wide Sizes Up To A Size 16 CLICK HERE

For More Information On How To Walk In Heels & How To Walk Like A Woman SEE THIS

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crossdresser Transgender Event Southern Comfort Conference

If you are looking for a crossdresser transgender event / conference ,  or just looking for a safe place to express your feminine side for a few days in a safe environment, check out the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference. Taking place in Fort Lauderdale Florida September 27th - October 1 , Southern Comfort Conference is filled with seminars, workshops, activities, social gatherings and outings. Conferences like this are great for newbies as well as those looking to transition, and those who already have taken that step. It is also a great way to meet and network with like minded people. If you would like more information on the event, including the seminars, the hotel accommodations, videos, activity list, and newbie info check out the website RIGHT HERE

For more information on other future events, and stories and reviews of past events and parties CLICK HERE

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MTF Transformation Video Boy To Girl Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday ! Mtf Transformation Video ! Boy To Girl Transformation. Makeup Fun ! 

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For MORE Makeup Tips and Tricks CLICK HERE

Monday, September 5, 2016

Adriana's Adventures Hanging In New Haven CT For Diva Social

 I am BACK Bitches !!! So this summer I finally had the time to add a trip up north to New Haven CT to check out the Transgender / Crossdresser party called Diva Social. What is Diva Social ? It is a monthly party specifically for our community thrown at Partners Cafe in New Haven CT hosted by my gal pal Heather Leigh. Once a month gals get together from all over the north east to socialize, dance, drink and party under one roof together. This was a special one to attend, it was the one year aniversary.  All the information on the this event will be listed and linked below, for now here is how this weekend went.  

The party started early for some of us on Friday, and we all headed out to dinner at a place called Box 63 See It Here  , dubbed New Haven's best kept secret, I would have to agree especially with the really cute outdoor seating and bar area , it felt like a little slice of Brooklyn tucked into New Haven CT.  They had wonderful drink specials which we put to good use and the staff was more than accommodating .

After we headed over to 168 York Street Cafe for a few more after dinner cocktails. 

Saturday came and we decided to continue the party in the afternoon and headed to a place called Bar ( see it RIGHT HERE ) . Bar is part night club, part pool hall, part brewery, and part pizza place, but it was ALL hip. I loved it, loved the decor, and of coarse the pizza and beer for breakfast. 

Check This Out Watermelon Ale For Breakfast !

Diva Social.  The Night Brought Us To The Big Party

Diva Social's NEXT party is going to be Yuuuugggee ! It will be taking place during New Havens PRIDE weekend which is loaded with a weekend FULL of events.  On Saturday there will be a block party on Center Street starting at 4pm. Lots of gorgeous and talented queens and kings will be preforming along with many booth, exhibits, food trucks, then the party will continue for the main event at Partners Cafe at 9pm. 

For more information on Diva Social, including hotels, where to get a makeover, what to wear , information on the club, and what a night at diva social is  CLICK HERE .

You can link with Diva Social On Facebook RIGHT HERE

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