Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Best Crossdressing Tips & Tricks Ever Like Ever Ever

I have stepped away from blogging for a few weeks with a BUSY Summer filled with 4 vacations, AND the 4th of July on Fire Island, AND a weekend get away, A NYC trip, etc etc... I promise to be back soon with lots more stories, adventures, tips & tricks. In the meantime I compiled a ( Best Of ) series again, featuring an up to date list of ALL the best, and most helpful posts on the blog. Stay in Touch . Happy Summer TTYL XOXO 

How To Walk In Six Inch Heels 

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How To Lace Up A Corset 

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How To Look Gorgeous In Photos 

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How To Feminize Your Voice 

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A Crossdressers Guide To Understanding Sexy Stockings 

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How To Enhance Your Butt With Shapewear

Learn How To Get That Boom Boom Pow RIGHT HERE

How To Tuck For Crossdressers

Lots Of Information Here On How To Tuck Check It Out Here

Crossdressers Guide To Perfect Posture & A Graceful Walk 

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Crossdresser Wardrobe Essentials

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How To Prevent Your Makeup From Sweating Off

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10 Ways To Look & Feel More Feminine 

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5 Ways To Hide Your Tummy With Fashion 

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How To Get Over The Fear Of Shopping For Crossdressing Clothes In Public

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3 Ways To Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Accessories

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How To Get Sexy Summer Legs 

Well since its summer ( and kudos to you for STILL Crossdressing , most disappear this time of year into the closet ) Why not learn how to get sexy summer legs ? Check THIS OUT

Crossdressing Tips For Coping In The Closet

 Speaking Of Closets , Check out this video to help you if you are trying to learn how to cope with crossdressing in the closet SEE IT HERE

How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer With Makeup 

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Crossdressers Top 5 Sexy Lingerie 

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How To Use An Eyebrow Stencil 

I am all about eyebrow stencils, learn about them RIGHT HERE

Five Tips To Looking Slimmer With Fashion

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Crossdressing Makeup Must Haves 

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How To Crossdress & Pass As A Girl Video 

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Four Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Than Makeup 

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Top 5 Beard Covers For Crossdressers 

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How To Wash Your Wig 

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How To Tuck

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Feet Comfortable In Heels

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How To Create Cleavage

Learn How To Create The Illusion Of Cleavage See The Video RIGHT HERE

How To Create Cleavage With Makeup

Learn How To Use Makeup To Help Create The Look Of Cleavage See The Video HERE

Sexy Heels & Shoes In Large & Wide Sizes For Crossdressers 

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Going Out In Public Choosing The Right Outfit Crossdressing In Public

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How To Make Your Shoulders Appear Smaller Ways To Hide Your Shoulders

Shoulders are one of our BIG giveaways , learn ways to hide them RIGHT HERE

Crossdresser Makeup Tips How To Get Sexy Eyes

From blending eyeshadow, to mascara and lashes learn everything there is to know about creating some sexy eyes in this section loaded with tips RIGHT HERE

How To Get Sexy Lips 

From Lipsticks to lipliners , to finding the perfect shade, learn everything there is to know in this section about creating a sexy set of lips with pages & pages of info RIGHT HERE

Adventures In Crossdressing Going Out In Public 

Read stories and see pictures from my gal pals & I as we show you the transgender / crossdresser scene from around the U.S and simple outings into the "real world" . Learn about some of the best events in the United States to attend RIGHT HERE

MTF Transformation Videos Boy To Girl Transformation 

Check out some MTF Transformation videos RIGHT HERE

How To Get Over The Fear Of Shopping In Public 

Shopping for your girly clothes can make some uncomfortable & nervous, this goes away with time, here are a few tricks that helped me along the way. See them RIGHT HERE

How To Walk Like A Woman 

Learn some tips & tricks on How To Walk Like A Woman HERE

5 Tips To Become A Better Crossdresser

See 5 ways you can improve your crossdressing HERE

5 Ways To Hide Your Adams Apple 

See 5 ways to hide or cover your adams apple RIGHT HERE

3 Crossdressing Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid 

3 No no's we all pretty much made at one time or another. Did you ? See them HERE

Crossdresser Fashion & Style Tips 

Scroll thru pages & pages of fashion & style tips featured on the blog RIGHT HERE

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Crossdressing Tips Finding Your Female Voice Video

Here is a video I found that may help you find the female voice inside you.  

To see another video on how to talk like a woman check out This POST HERE

Friday, June 3, 2016

Adventures In Crossdressing Attending The Femme Fever Gala Ball

So last month I attended the Femme Fever Gala Ball.  The Femme Fever Gala Ball is an event thrown once a year in New York, gals dress to the nines in fancy dresses, mingle, dance, and enjoy a buffet dinner. This year I decided to have a little fun at the event and go in the complete opposite direction than the gals go style wise ( most wear dresses ) and since it WAS a formal event anyway, why not have some fun with it and I showed up in a Tuxedo styled outfit, complete with a pair of wedge heeled sneakers from Steve Madden LOL. I pretty much was every gals "date"  The event was a blast, and I even did a guest DJ set too ! Once again I took no pictures as usual, but here are a few I found floating around the internet.

 Check out a video of the event

Femme Fever Throws Monthly Parties for the transgender & crossdresser community . The next party is set for next week. For more information on the party CLICK HERE